BCN3D Sigma D25

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Discover a new generation of our best-known 3D printer, engineered to grant maximum productivity through a hassle-free experience thanks to features like its massive print volume and full connectivity. Powered by our Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the Sigma D25 delivers quickly functional prototypes with quality and precision.




Developed by BCN3D, the disruptive Independent Dual Extrusion System technology makes the difference in 3D printing.



Duplication Mode

A setting that prints identical models simultaneously, doubling the production capacity.


Mirror Mode

A mode that enables printing mirrored designs symmetrically and speeds up iteration.



Soluble Support Mode

A process that prints soluble parts to create intricate structures and avoid geometric limitations.


Multimaterial Mode

A technique that makes it possible to print two different materials and combine their properties.




More volume, bigger parts

The Sigma D25 can produce some of the largest-scale parts within the desktop market thanks to its massive printing volume.




Renovated Design

Advanced features and increased functionalities

Surface heating and calibration

Repositioned extrusion system

Reinforced axes



Key Features

  • Bondtech™ Extruders
  • Filament Runout Sensor
  • e3D™ Hotends
  • Multilingual 5’’ touchscreen
  • Aluminium frame


A Unique Ecosystem

  • BCN3D Cloud
  • BCN3D Cura
  • BCN3D Filaments



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