INTAMSYS and KUKA - innovative solutions for intelligent flexible production

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INTAMSYS and KUKA - innovative solutions for intelligent flexible production

Shanghai, China (September 17, 2020) – KUKA is a world-leading intelligent robot solution provider. It provides customers with a full range of products, system integration and services in various industries such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, consumer goods industry, logistics/e-commerce industry, and healthcare: from industrial robot main bodies, ready2_use (ready-to-use) robot application packages, general industrial custom production cells to fully automated solutions.

As one of the world’s leading supplier of industrial FDM 3D printing equipment, INTAMSYS helped KUKA develop a robotic 3D printing solution, which takes advantage of the flexibility of robot operations and the rapidity of 3D printing for on-demand manufacturing, greatly pushing the boundaries of 3D printing applications.

Continuously pursuing ways to improve its industrial equipment, KUKA released the new KR 4 AGILUS, it is an important “milestone” for KUKA as it is the first machine independently developed by KUKA China. The new generation KR 4 AGILUS has a larger load and a longer arm span, which can bring stronger working capacity and larger working space to the robot. It is ideal for lightweight electronic component assembly, picking and placing, screwing, bonding, packaging, testing and other applications. It is also very suitable for the 3C electronics manufacturing industry because of the strict requirements for operation accuracy.

The KR 4 AGILUS is equipped with INTAMSYS’s 3D printing kit to enable high-precision industrial FDM 3D printing process. The six-axis positioning system is combined with the standard industrial control system configuration to achieve larger size, higher precision, and more complex structure additive manufacturing. At the same time, agile manipulator movement makes printing deployment more flexible and mobile.

This cooperation shows that neither 3D printing nor automation system can be separated from innovation, and that new technologies and applications continuously need to be explored. This will promote the development of the traditional manufacturing industry towards intelligence and flexibility, enabling to quickly respond to the market changes in the industrial manufacturing field of industry 4.0, and to better meet the personalized and customized demands of customers.