Print with Purpose


Optimized parts, direct from your favorite slicer.


Printing parts that perform as intended doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming.


Teton Simulation has developed the world’s first optimization technology that integrates directly into leading additive manufacturing slicing software platforms.
We are making it easy to validate and optimize print settings so that you get better parts, printed faster, and with less material.

With SmartSlice, you can finally say good-bye to elaborate simulations and endless build-break cycles.


Powerful software, for everyone



Proven methods and sophisticated optimization routines are the backbone of our technology.


Cloud-computing and proprietary simulation techniques facilitate blazing fast compute times.


With an automated workflow, SmartSlice is designed and made for everyone. You'll be up and running in no time.



Understand part performance...


Understand how your part performs with your current print profile using the Validate feature. In just seconds, SmartSlice tells you if your part is under- or over-designed by comparing simulated part deflection and safety factors to limits you define.



...then optimize for the best possible part


Get the most out of your part with a SmartSlice Optimization. Ensure structural requirements are safely met while minimizing print time and part mass for a truly optimized print profile.



Pain-free workflow



Step 1

Open your part in Ultimaker Cura or BCN3D Stratos, select a material, and enter the SmartSlice stage.



Step 2

Define use cases and requirements. Then, it's as simple as 1-click validation and optimization.



Step 3

Choose from a ranked list of recommended profiles. Preview, then print your part.



SmartSlice creates real value


The benefits of using SmartSlice are clear: parts that meet performance requirements, produced quickly and with minimal material usage.





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