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Daylight Precision Dental Model Resin | 1Kg

96.00 €
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Daylight Precision Dental Model Resin

Accurate, high resolution models especially for dental work can be created using Dental Model resin. Ideal for Orthodontic, study, and working models and created in collaboration with Dental Technologists to ensure optimal colour, feel and working characteristics.


Dental Model White polymer has been formulated to create detailed, high resolution dental models.

The resin has been developed in conjunction with Dental Technologists to ensure an optimal colour, feel, and working characteristics.
Ideal for Orthodontic, study and working models. The prints show minimal shrinkage with a tolerance of 50μm max deviation on a full arch.
Printed dental parts exhibit extremely high tensile properties and hardness, allowing for their use as a working or a vacuum forming model. Dental model resin will provide excellent print performance on the LC Precision and LC HR printer range, allowing you to print crisp and clean dental models.

Color White
(At 25ºC Brookfield spindle 3)
900 cPs
(After post exposure)
90 Shore D
Tensile strength
ASTM D638 (After Post Exposure, postcured 120 minutes UV and heat 60°C water)
63 MPa
Elongation at break
ASTM D638 (After Post Exposure)
Storage 1050°C
Density 1.09 g/cm3


Processing Instructions

Follow the procedures laid out in your 3D Liquid Crystal user manual.
Polymer should be poured into the tray away from direct sunlight.
Polymer can be reused but should be poured through a filter to remove solid lumps. Keep hood on at all times.
Liquid polymer is soluble in water and soap. Object should be post cured under UV in 60°C warm water to obtain the appropriate tensile properties and give a great surface finish.

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