Filoalfa PP CF | 1.75mm | 1Kg

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Lead Time: December 2022

Need a material to 3D print professional designs without sacrificing ease of printing? Need high performance without compromise?


PP CF by FILOALFA® is not hygroscopic: this eliminates potential humidity problems even during the printing phase to the advantage of the "shelf life" and dimensional stability of the printed pieces.

PP CF by FILOALFA® is a more elastic and even more chemically resistant material.

PP CF by FILOALFA® combines high temperatures with excellent printability.



Chemical inert

Not hygroscopic

Dimensional stability

Mechanical resistance


The high range of printing temperatures (it has been tested from 220°C to 320°C) allows you to adapt its processing to your needs and to your printer, optimizing the adhesion between the layers as the temperature increases (possibly giving up part of the definition of the piece).

FILOALFA® recommends PP CF for use in the presence of aggressive chemicals and/or where high impact strength is required.



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