Elastic Resin Formlabs 1L

Elastic Resin Formlabs 1L

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Elastic Resin

for Soft Flexible Parts

Elastic Resin is an elastomeric material designed for applications requiring high elongation and high energy return. Use Elastic Resin for parts that will bend, stretch, compress, and hold up to repeated cycles without tearing. Elastic is transparent, which makes it well suited for medical models for simulation or education.

resina elastic

Elastic Resin prints at 100 microns. Resin Tank LT is required for printing with Elastic Resin.

Recommended for:

  • Wearables and consumer goods prototyping
  • Medical models and devices
  • Compliant features for robotics
  • Special effects props and models

Not suitable for:

  • Parts requiring high surface detail
  • Parts that need to hold a particular structure or shape
  • Parts requiring high dimensional accuracy


Comparison with Other Materials

Elasticity is the ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed. Elastic Resin is designed to “bounce back” and return to its original shape quickly.


Durometer is the hardness of a material. Elastic Resin has a lower durometer than other Formlabs resins, making it suitable for prototyping parts normally produced with silicone. Elastic also has a higher tear strength than comparable materials, making it capable of repeated cycles of use.


resina elastic
 Formlabs Elastic v1Formlabs Flexible v2
Durometer/Shore hardness 50A 80A
Elongation at break (%) 160 80
Tensile strength (MPa) 3.23 8.5
Tear strength (kN/m) 19.1 14.1
Color Clear Grey


Print Feature Recommendations

Improve print success with Elastic Resin by designing features according to Formlabs recommendations.

Supported Wall Thickness

Minimum: 400 microns

Recommended: 600 microns

Unsupported Wall Thickness

Minimum: 600 microns

Recommended: 800 microns

Shallow Angles

Minimum: 19 degrees

Recommended: 45 degrees

Horizontal Span/Bridge

Maximum: 600 microns

Vertical Wire Diameter

Minimum: 300 microns

Maximum: 1500 microns

Clearance Between Adjacent Parts

Minimum: 1000 microns

Hole Diameter

Minimum: 800 microns

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