Solvay Solef® PVDF AM | 2.85mm | 750g

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Intrinsically of very high purity Solef® PVDF AM Filaments provide long term performance up to 120°C, including exceptional chemical resistance and outstanding UV, weathering and oxidation resistance.

These features make it particularly suited for outdoor applications, and for harsh chemical environments, typically found in the Chemical Processing Industry, Semiconductor Industry, and Oil&Gas.

The print profile for Solef® PVDF AM Filament is now available for free download at Ultimaker’s Marketplace.


Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
Net Filament Weight: 0.75 kg
Filament Color: White
Storage: place in zip sealed bag
Processing Temperature Range*: 225-235°C
Recommended Bed Temperature: 100°C
Density: 1.72 g/cm3**
Tensile Strength at Yield: 30 MPa**
Tensile Elongation at Yield: 10%**
Notched Charpy Impact: 6.5 KJ/m2**
Melt Temperature: 147°C*

* Please reference our Processing Guide for handling and safety instructions. Adequate ventilation is required to prevent possible toxic fumes. Proper handling is essential.

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