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Print Core CC 0.6 (Red)

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New composites-ready print core

The print core, developed in collaboration with Anders Olsson, features a precision-machined 0.6 mm diameter nozzle with a specially customized geometry. With a wear-resistant ruby cone at its tip, this print core ensures reliable 3D printing with composite materials. Also included in the packaging are four spare Ultimaker S5 nozzle covers, for long-term use.

Print core CC Red 0.6

Together with profiles in Ultimaker Cura, this swappable print core will make getting perfect results with these third-party materials, such as XSTRAND™ GF30-PP, XSTRAND™ GF30-PA6Fabbrix NYLON CARBON e Innofil3D PET CF. No need to manually set printing parameters, and no need to worry about whether your nozzle can handle the abrasion — the print core CC Red was created for a lifetime of abrasion-ready 3D printing.


WARNING: The CC Print core red fits in both the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5, however if you want to use it to print abrasive materials the Ultimaker 3's feeder is not wear resistant enough to withstand these materials, and the knurled sleeve will wear off. The Ultimaker S5 feeder (knurled sleeve specifically) is enforced and coated, and therefore it is recommended to only use the CC Print core Red with the Ultimaker S5.


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