UM3 Advanced 3D Printing kit

UM3 Advanced 3D Printing kit

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When to use the Advanced 3D Printing Kit

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit can be used in combination with all Ultimaker materials, although the benefits are greater for some materials than others. See the table below for a compatibility overview, and some general advice:

Material   Front enclosure    Adhesion sheet
PLA Optional Optional
Tough PLA Optional Optional
ABS Highly recommended   Optional
CPE Optional Optional
CPE+ Highly recommended Recommended
PC Highly recommended Highly recommended
Nylon Optional Optional
TPU 95A   Optional Not advised
PP Recommended Highly recommended
PVA Optional Optional

Note: When using PVA using the front enclosure and adhesion sheets depends on the accompanying build material.

The use of the front enclosure is strongly advised for most filaments that print at higher temperatures and that may have problems with layer bonding. The front enclosure controls the temperature inside the printer, which prevents delamination and improves the print surface quality.

For the other materials (PLA, Tough PLA, CPE, Nylon, and TPU 95A) the front enclosure is not necessary. However, the use of this add-on will not negatively impact print quality and may even lead to more reliable print results.

The adhesion sheets are required for PP and (highly) recommended for CPE+ and PC. These materials require a high build plate temperature, but despite this high temperature, they may still have problems with build plate adhesion.

Adhesion sheets are optional for most of the other materials, as they replace the use of the glue stick. Please note, for TPU 95A, we advise against printing on the adhesion sheet, as this material sticks too well to it, making removal extremely difficult.


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