Piano riscaldato per bq Hephestos

Piano riscaldato per bq Hephestos

149.00 €

This kit will enable your Hephestos to print using filaments that require a heated bed. It's very easily assembled and the board quickly reaches printing temperature. We use industry-leading suppliers for cables, connectors and components, which provides our kit with outstanding safety and durability, two features that we have prioritised.

  • Dimensions and weight

    Product plus box: 1500g
    Box dimensions: 347x281x58mm

  • Box Contents

    • 1x Power supply 24V 160W
      1x 1m European power cable
      4x plasting insulating part
      1x Control board
      2x M2.5x25 DIN 912 Screw
      1x 220x220mm Heatbed PCB
      8x Black cable tie
      1x 609mm Power cable
      2x Cable-guide clip
      1x 650mm Signal Cable

  • More information

    • Power: 160W
      Warmup time (50ºC): ~1min.
      Warmup time (100ºC): ~5min.
      Warmup time (110ºC): ~6min.
      Maximum temperature: 110ºC

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