Print Core AA 0.25 (Build core)

99.95 €

The new 0.25 mm AA print core features a 0.25 mm nozzle width for ultra-fine lines. Compatible with the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended and Ultimaker S5, the 0.25 mm print core is ideal for prints that need detailed surface quality.

This new addition to our print core range will be offered in type AA (for build materials), and will create uniformity between the Ultimaker 3 product line and the Ultimaker 2+ product line, which offered a range of swappable nozzles using the [Olsson block]. Users will now have the advantage of extra-fine detail prints, with the added advantage of dual extrusion, enabling two color prints, or various material combinations with extra-fine detail.

Potential applications:

Using an 0.25 mm print core is useful for a variety of applications, such as aesthetically detailed prints, thin-walled objects, and tolerance fit parts, e.g. hardware fasteners such as nuts and bolts.

Potential applications include microfluidics, dental model casting, and architectural models, where a high quality surface finish is necessary.


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