Industrial 3D Printing for Flexible Manufacturing

As a leading manufacturer of industrial grade 3D printers, Raise3D is dedicated to pioneering flexible manufacturing, which helps customers improve their competitive advantage through utilizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing. By consistently delivering high-performance products, services, and solutions, Raise3D strives to exceed customers’ expectations, thus keeping the trust of entrepreneurs, SMEs, and many of the largest brands in the world.
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3D Printers
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Spare Parts


An Innovating 3D Printing Solution

An innovative and powerful software solution covering the entire 3D printing process


ideaMaker Library

A community for sharing 3D files


A powerful slicing software to quickly and easily prepare 3D printing files


A cloud-based management platform to monitor the 3D printing process



Cornerstone for Flexible Manufacturing


100% Quality, 300%+ Productivity

Hyper FFF™ is a system engineered for efficiency and performance, which will increase the yield rate of FFF printing without any loss of printed part quality.

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