Resin Pro 3D-FINISH | 370ml

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Post-print coating for polishing and finishing 3D objects. Applied on any kind print, it makes the treated surface glossy, smooth and impact-resistant.

Specifically developed to be used in 3D applications, it does not drip or cover small details, faithfully respecting all the shapes of the printing.

  • Eliminates unevenness between the different layers;
  • Glossy;
  • Strengthens the mechanical resistance of the objects;
  • Can be polished and painted.

Mix ratio: 

100A : 50B (by Volume)

100A: 45B (Mix ratio based on weight)



Cure time

  • 4 hours at 20°C [68 F]
  • 2 hours at 30°C [86 F]

If you want to paint your printing according to your tastes, 3D Finish “Fast” can be coloured with colouring pastes and metal powders.

Excellent adhesion and reinforcement on PLA, LAYWOOD, ABS. Fast and effective, it is an easy-to-apply solution to create finished items through 3D printing more quickly, improving their aesthetic uniformity and their impact strength. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, it is also perfect to be used as a bonding agent between printings or to repair damaged 3D artefacts. We recommend to store the product in a dark, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. The tools must be cleaned with IPA (isopropyl alcohol).

How to use.

For best results, measure two components based on weight using a scale within 5% of the recommended mix ratio.

  • Always mix the product thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, scraping all the surfaces of the container to ensure complete mixing.
  • Try to use the product in a temperature-controlled environment within the optimal product specifications.
  • Avoid high humidity or low ambient temperatures.
  • Ensure that the surface is dry and any dirt, dust and oils removed to achieve optimal bonding. It is furthermore highly recommended to sand the surface (with sandpaper or mechanical preparation).
  • Perform small preliminary tests to have a clear understanding of the polymerization features of the resins in your work environment and the compatibility of the resins with other materials.




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