crea 3D save-x project

Save up to €100,000/year with SAVE-X Project


Accelerate innovation

Choose to innovate together with CREA 3D and optimize the operational excellence of your organization by reducing costs, lead times and inventories, improving efficiency, uptime, safety, ergonomics and employee satisfaction.

CREA 3D SAVE-X Project helps your company overcome the main challenges in the implementation of Additive Manufacturing technologies within production processes, through inspection of production lines and use of new technologies and software.

CREA 3D offers an on-site walkthrough and brainstorming sessions aimed at uncovering opportunities and exploring their potential impact on business workflows.



crea 3D save-x project

SAVE-X Project

Lay the foundations to start the 3D transformation of your company through:

  • Identification of immediately realizable and potentially high-value applications that allow optimizing costs, times, efficiency, ergonomics, safety and guaranteeing ROI;
  • Development of skills through highly professional training courses;
  • Consulting and follow-up.


Join other industry leaders

accelerate innovation thanks to 3D printing



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L'ORÉAL - Cosmetics and Packaging


HEINEKEN - Food&Beverage



SCHUBERT - Automation






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