Sustainable innovation, care for the environment and circular economy


Corporate sustainability is an important and broad topic at the same time, a concept that has increasingly been in the spotlight in the last few years.

Innovation in a broad sense is the core business of Crea3D, and the company works to make it more sustainable.

Thanks to a vision that is increasingly attentive to protecting the environment and reducing environmental impact, starting from 2022 Crea3D will begin to use more sustainable solutions for internal logistics, such as packaging recycled and recyclable, biodegradable, or made from natural raw materials.

For example:

  • grass paper boxes 100% recyclable
  • paper adhesive tape , made with renewable raw materials and natural rubber
  • bulk filling material , 100% recyclable, degradable, chlorine-free, odorless, dustproof and non-toxic
  • pressed wooden pallets, IPPC standard (International Plant Protection Convention)



Recycled filaments

Within the wide range of 3D printing materials, we are constantly looking for recycled and recyclable materials, compatible with EN 13432 and EN 14995 standards.
Following the principles of circular economy, we use these filaments internally, to produce tools and spare parts aimed to improving activities and organization of our warehouse.


Reducing consumption in the office

Business processes innovation also involves a profound transformation of the office workflow. Crea3D team has always exploited new technologies to reduce the consumption of printed paper and inks, relying on ERP/CRM software, and cloud team management apps that allow digital archiving of any documentation.

Online orders management and the use of cloud management software also allow team members to work remotely, indeed they can avoid travel (reducing the use of means of transport and fuel consumption) and adapt to unexpected situations, as we experienced during the pandemic in 2020.



Sustainability also comes from people

Every single Crea3D employee shares the corporate sustainability strategies. Having a common goal, constantly improving safety and working conditions and making shared choices help to consolidate the sense of belonging to the company.

The elimination of plastic water bottles in favor of thermal flasks, the use of reusable or biodegradable cups and glasses for the coffee break are actions undertaken by employees in complete autonomy, in line with the business development model.


Future challenges and goals

The need to maintain a global outlook and make long-term projects is increasingly evident. Crea3D continues to work towards a sustainable business model, evaluating projects and investing in solutions that can generate value in a long-term perspective, from energy optimization to mobility, to the continuous reduction of waste.