Fabbrix® SMART ABS 700 gr

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ufabbrix smart ABS

ABS is a material notoriously not easy to 3D print. It's often necessary to use precautions to prevent warping during printing. It also has limitations in double extrusion printing, as its chemical composition does not facilitate the bonding with some materials such as the water-soluble PVA support.

ufabbrix smart ABS

SMART ABS Fabbrix is an improved, high performance ABS. It is enriched with an elastomer that allows bonding with TPU or with water-soluble PVA support, during the double extrusion.

This formula prevents warping and improves the mechanical properties of printed parts.

The filament has been tested on 3D printers of the main brands (Ultimaker, Raise3D, Zortrax)

Properties Value
Suggested print temperature (guideline) 240 - 250°C
Suggested print speed 40 - 80 mm/s
Suggested bed temperature 90 - 110°C

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