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Fabbrix® NYLON GF 500 gr

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Nylon + Glass Fiber (25%) filament.

Glass fibers are the reinforcement most commonly used in filled polymers.

Nylon GF offers good mechanical, chemical and dielectric properties.
The mechanical characteristics improve exponentially by increasing the percentage of glass fiber.

Above all the stiffness and the compressive strength.

Also thermal resistance and dimensional stability are improved, with a marked decrease in thermal expansion.

The use of materials containing glass fibers is ideal for applications where maximum stability over time and mechanical strength are required.

Not recommended in applications that require sliding, due to the abrasive effect of the fibers that can lead to a rapid deterioration of the counterpart.


Weight: 500gr
Diameter: 1.75/2.85 mm
T° Extrusion: 250-265 °C
Print Speed: 40 mm/s
Bed: 75°C

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