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Fabbrix® PPS 500 gr

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What is PPS?

PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) is a thermoplastic with a molecular structure that forms very stable crystal lattices from a thermal point of view and this allows to reach a high melting point of about 285°C.
Several chemical corrosion tests on PPS have shown that there are no solvents that attack the material at temperatures below 200°C.

The main characteristics of the material are summarized below:

  • Thermal stability up to 200°C and short-term resistance to temperatures reaching 230°C
  • Chemical resistance to a wide range of solvents and organic chemicals even at very high temperatures
  • Dimensional stability of simple and complex parts that guarantee the same dimensional tolerances of materials that are easy to print such as PLA
  • UL94 V0 flammability (less than 10 seconds) without flame retardant additives, as this is an intrinsic characteristic of the PPS polymer



PPS is the ideal choice for applications in following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Industrial automation
  • Oil&Gas
  • Transportation (Railway, Maritime)
  • Racing/Motorsport

When dealing with car components or means of transport subjected to high temperatures, or exposed to oils, fuels or mechanical stress, Fabbrix PPS is the ideal choice.

Typical applications include under-hood components for which the current alternative is fiberglass, hard to use and extrude, or for braking systems and electrical/electronic devices that require high heat resistance, high dimensional stability and resistance to corrosion.

Fabbrix PPS is an alternative to metals, lighter and resistant to corrosion of salts and all automotive fluids.

Weight 500gr
Diameter 1.75/2.85 mm
Print Temperature 300-320 °C
Print Speed 25-45 mm/s
Bed Temperature 90-120 °C

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