Intamsys ABS | 1.75mm | 1Kg

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Key Features

Intamsys ABS is a ABS based filament designed specifically for desktop FDM/FFF 3D printing.It offers superior printing quality.excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, with moderate printing temperatures and great warping resistance


Brighten up your models with a choice of white or black. More colorful filaments are on the way.

Uncompromised Quality

With our eight step Quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, you can reset assured that ABS will produce beautiful, reliable and accurate printed parts every time.



Physical Properties

Property Testing Method Typical Value
Density(g/m³ at 21.5°C) ASTM D792(ISO 1183,GB/T 1033) 1.10-1.15
Melt index(g/10min) 220°C,10kg 9-14


Mechanical Properties

Property Testing Method Typical Value
Tensile strength(MPa) ASTM D638(ISO 527,GB/T 1040) 33.3±0.8
Elongation At Break(%) ASTM D638(ISO 527,GB/T 1040) 2.7±0.4
Bending strength(Mpa) ASTM D790(ISO 178,GB/T 9341) 59.0±1.3
Impact strength(KJ/m²) ASTM D256(ISO 179,GB/T 1043) 12.6±1.1


Additional information

Print Temp 230-270°C
Bed Temp 100-120°C
Density 1.05g/m³
Distortion Temp 88°C
Melt Flow Index (g/10min) 22(220°C/10kg)
Tensile Strength 480Mpa
Elongation At Break 20%
Bendling Strength 790Mpa
Bendling strength ——
IZOD Impact Strength 20kj/m²

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