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Large-format Dental Printer


AccuFab-L4D is the latest addition to the SHINING 3D family digital solutions. It is a large-format dental 3D printer developed completely in-house by SHINING 3D to make 3D printing solution more accessible to everyone. It brings users an exceptionally unique printing experience with its features like light-weight, large print size and user-friendly operation.



More Than Your Expectation

AccuFab-L4D’s comprehensive functions contribute to take users’ dental digitization process up to another level. It supports different dental applications such as dental model, ortho model, surgical guide and so on.


Large Print Size, High Resolution

192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.

Cost-effective Investment

Compact and cost-effective AccuFab-L4D helps users accomplish easy digital transformation.


User-friendly Operation

SHINIING 3D’s self-developed printing software AccuWare comes with a guided workflow to assist users through the printing process for an easy and convenient operation. It boasts of smart layout planning, one-click support generation and one-click printing, which make it quite easy to get started.

Multiple Material Options

SHINING 3D’s SHINING DENT covers a wide range of resin materials for dental printing applications, like working model, ortho model, surgical guide, cast wax and gingiva mask.



Light Weight, User Friendly

In order to make the 3D printing technology more accessible for more users, AccuFab-L4D incorporates a number of intuitive designs to simplify the whole process from data preparation and slicing to operation and maintenance.



Guided Interactive Operation

5 steps: Print Setting- Open File - Layout - Support - Slice.

UVMP Technology *

Self-developed SHINING 3D technology, significant optimized printing accuracy.

200% Optical Efficiency

Optimized optical path configured to improve the optical efficiency to 200%; it only takes 25 inutes to print a full plate of 8 orthodontic models.


Link between IOS and 3D Printer

Independently developed editing tool provides users with model editing functions, linking the scan and print process beyond expectation.

Layer Preview

Preview the sliced data in advance to ensure successful printing.

Automatic Calibration

Automatic calibration ensures stable and consistent printing.



SHINING DENT Multiple Certified Materials

SHINING DENT features a series of resin materials independently developed by SHINING 3D. These resins can be adopted in various dental print ing applications, such as working model, ortho model, customized impressio n tray, surgical guide and gingiva mask. AccuFab-L4D is your ideal chairside 3D printing solution.




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Printer Size 360 x 360 x 530 mm
Printer Weight about 19 kg
Print Volume(x/y/z) 192 x 120 x 180 mm
Resolution 3840 x 2400(4K) Px
Print Speed 10-50 mm/h (depends on layer thickness and materials
Layer Thickness 0.025/0.05/0.075/0.1 mm
Accuracy ± 50 μm
Connectivity USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet

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