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Connecting the Future

Link Aoralscan with AccuFab

SHINING 3D intraoral scanner, 3D printer and dental material ecosystem provides an exceptional experience in digital dentistry.


Life-time free upgrade model creator software that comes with AccuFab-L4D.

Dental Cloud

SHINING 3D’s cloud data platform enables data transmission, making it convenient for data transfer and communication between clinics and dental labs.


Variable Print Size, 4K Resolution

70*70mm & 192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.


Small Resin Tank

Introducing New Film Technology

Our innovative film technology, combining with a ceramic platform, ensures unparalleled printing accuracy and unwavering stability, eliminating residues and outliers.

Exceptional Longevity

The compact resin tank boasts an impressive lifetime of up to 120,000 layers, allowing for extended printing sessions with numerous successful prints.

Optimum size for chairside

With a minimum starting size of 200ml and a maximum of 350ml, our system is perfectly tailored for producing small yet high-value resin prints.

  • Size: 314 x 205 x 44mm
  • Tank volume: min 200ml, max 350ml


Small Ceramic Platform

Enhancing Biocompatibility

Our biocompatible material has been meticulously engineered to provide robust support for Class II and higher-grade resins.

Precision in Small-Scale Printing

Ideal for crown, bridge, and full arch printing. Our system excels in small-scale, high-value printing for chairside applications within clinical settings.The small ceramic platform can print up to 16 posterior crowns or 2 full arches, meeting the daily use for the clinic.

Residue-Free Printing

The smooth surface of our technology prevents excess residue from adhering, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient cleaning process.

Superior Durability

Extended lifespan of over 2 years compared to aluminium platforms. Our high-hardness platform offers both model printing stability and greater resistance to damage during cutting operations, guaranteeing a longer-lasting performance.

  • Size: 86 x 80 x 100mm
  • Ceramic size: 80 x 80mm
  • Printable area: 70 x 70 x 150mm

Reliable Performance

Industrial-grade Optical

High-quality optical module with long-life components.

State-of-the-art Robustness

AccuFab-L4D’s 5 million layers tested in real dental clinic condition provides state-of-the-art reliability.

District Cooling System

DCS (District cooling system) maintains the temperature of working screen under 40℃, while extending the 3D printer lifespan significantly.


Unparalleled Accuracy

Precise Accuracy

Over 96% of the surface points fit within ±0.1mm

Outstanding Uniformity

High luminance uniformity achieves up to 90%

Beyond the Limits

Provides not only the possibility to obtain features smaller than a pixel, but also a superior surface finish


Multiple Material Options

Shining Dent

Shining Dent covers a wide range of materials for dental 3D printing applications.

Certified 3rd Party Material

SHINING 3D partners with industry-leading brands in dental material, providing more possibility and flexibility.


Professional Slicing Software

Built-In Design Software

SHINING Design Modules including CreSplint, CreIBT, AccuDesign, CreTemp have been built into AccuWare for a ease-to-use and a smooth process. GO to PRINT, models can be automatically imported and work through an AI process.

Magic Click

Allows multiple one-click printing on different dental applications, such as restorations, C&B, splints, surgical guides, orthodontic models, etc. Providing intelligent AI algorithm for auto layout, auto support and auto slice.

Printer On Cloud

Built-in access for Dental Cloud in AccuWare. Monitor and Control your printer anywhere, anytime


Advanced Printing Software

Activation in Printer

What you need to do to activate the printer is just a scan of the QR code.

Levelling Automation

A more detailed and operation guide is shown on printer for a clearer view on accurate levelling.

Light Uniformity & Power Meter Adjusting

The new version FabWare has upgraded to add light uniformity and power checking function in the printer, increasing the longevity of the printer and providing a more accurate printing under prolonged time use




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Resolution 3840 x 2400(4K) px
Print Volume (W x D x H) 70 x 70 x 150 mm / 192 x 120x 180 mm
Print Speed Max 50 mm/h (depends on layer thickness and materials
Accuracy* ±0.05 mm
Layer Thickness 50/75/100 μm
Printer Size 360*360*530 mm
Printer Weight about 19 kg
Connectivity USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet

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