AS 260 | Intraoral Scanner

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AS 260

Scanning Elevated

Introducing the AS 260, the latest milestone in intraoral scanning. Its advanced features elevate performance without compromising on the desirable qualities that you have come to expect.


AS 260

  • Accurate
  • Easy of Use
  • Cloud Platform
  • Open Format
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants

Accuracy from New Heights

  • 20μm Accuracy
  • Increased Depth of Field
  • Improved Data Integrity

AS 260



AS 260 incorporates numerous technical advancements, including an innovative optical structure that enhances depth of field, an upgraded hardware plat form to handle increased data input, and an exclusive algorithm that effectively leverages extensive information. Consequently, dentists can expect enhanced clinical clarity, improved scanning experiences, and improved data integrity.


AS 260

Exclusive Architecture

AS 260 presents a future-proof framework that unlocks new capabilities for years to come. Consequently, dental professionals can anticipate remarkable enhancements in soft tissue removal and models imbued with sharper details, courtesy of the state-of-the-art Front-end Image Processing Algorithms.

Improved AI Assisted Soft-tissue Removal
Improved Model with Sharper Details



Brand New Design

The AS 260's sleek and modern design, coupled with its lightweight construction, makes it a delight to use and behold.

The AS 260's detachable cable feature significantly simplifies the process of replacing a damaged cable, eliminating the need for complex disassembly and reducing downtime. With this cost-effective feature, dentists save valuable time and minimize disruptions to workflow.

AS 260


The Alliedstar Experience

Signature design elements that focus on ease of use, user comfort and efficiency, only from Alliedstar.


AS 260

Calibration Free

AS 260

Powered by Single USB Cable

AS 260

No Pre-Heating or Powder Required

AS 260

Remote Control


AS 260

Duo Scan Buttons

AS 260

Two Sizes of Autoclavable Tips

AS 260

175g Light Weight

AS 260

Shock Resistance


AS 260


AS Connect

AS Connect is the perfect software suit companion for AS 260, a comprehensive solution helps you take full advantage of the digital workflow.

AS 200E



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Hendpiece Dimensions 175 x 49 x 39 mm
Weight 175 g
Scanning Full-arch Accuracy 20 μm
Depth of Field 18 mm
Field of View 16 x 14 mm (L)
12 x 12 mm (S)
Capture Button Duo buttons
Power Adaptor No need
Remote Control Yes
Calibration Calibration Free
Tip Size 22 x 18 mm (L)
18 x 16 mm (S)
Autoclavable Up to 60 times
134°C 4mins

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