From October 2020 onwards, Raise3D offers a new product for the European market: RaiseShield.

This is an extended warranty option that adds to the standard one-year warranty coverage for an additional one-year or two-year.

RaiseShield was launched in the US in 2019. After a very positive response, Raise3D is making it available for the European market as well.

RaiseShield was conceived as a solution for corporate customers who intend to integrate their printers in a production process and heavily use them for several years. Having this in mind, Raise3D decided to provide an extension to the existing standard warranty, that works in the same terms.

In addition to large organizations, RaiseShield can also be a valuable addition to  schools and universities, who tend to make an intensive use of the equipments and demand a longer warranty period.

RaiseShield can be acquired from the official Sales Partners at the moment of purchase of the printer(s)*.
Raise3D network of professional resellers and technicians will provide the support and components needed, at any time.

After purchase, customers will receive the appropriate instructions to activate RaiseShield. This simple process can be done here.



E2CF E2 Pro3 Pro2 Pro3
1-Year Limited Warranty Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty
2-Year RaiseShield Warranty Period for all components is 2 years from the date of invoice
3-Year RaiseShield Warranty Period for all components is 3 years from the date of invoice


* RaiseShield can only be acquired at the moment of purchase of your printer(s) and must be activated within 30 days of purchase

* Download Raise3D Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty by clicking Here.




More information about RaiseShield

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