ant. criare
(crèo, crèi, crèa, creiàmo, creàte, crèano; congiunt. pres. crèi, creiàmo, creiàte, crèino; creàssi; creerèi; creànte; creàto)
1. Produce, create from nothing ‖ Produce something, developing existing elements; shape, design, invent.

Since 2013, Crea3D® supports companies in many professional and industrial sectors that have found in rapid prototyping the source of their competitive advantage.

Crea3D® offers professional solutions for 3D printing of plastics and metal, and thanks to the know-how and experience acquired over the years, guides companies and professionals in choosing the most suitable technologies, optimizing costs, for each sector of application.


CREA - Professional Solutions for Additive Manufacturing


Providers of Professional Solutions for Additive Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering and Industry 4.0.


Large format 3D printers manufacturers, and suppliers of technopolymers for FFF 3D printing.


Professional services of Additive Manufacturing, Design and Reverse Engineering.


Digital Solutions for the Medical Sector. 3D technologies and software.