3D printing for the Education and STEM disciplines: the FabLab Poliba experience

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3D printing for the Education and STEM disciplines: the FabLab Poliba experience

“Digital innovation is now a direction of no return. Hesitation in making important and strategic choices in innovating training towards a digital technical dimension means compromising the future of our communities." - Nicola Parisi, Manager of FabLab Poliba

The FabLab Poliba has been one of the most significant realities in Italy on digital innovation for five years now and is part of the network of the Fab Foundation of MIT in Boston which for two decades now has been building a network of laboratories open to makers from all over the world .

The Polytechnic of Bari, already in possession of numerous specialized laboratories, managed to create the FabLab in 2018, an Interprovincial Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, a territorial hub for continuous training.

The FabLab therefore proposes itself as a hub for digital teaching, for users of all age groups and levels of experience, up to specialized 'one-to-one' training, and as support for companies in optimizing their products, even with the use of laboratory equipment in service mode.

Among robots, numerical control machines, laser cutters and 3D scanners, the FabLab has also decided to invest in 3D printing, relying on Crea3D for the setup of a print farm which, to date, has 15 UltiMaker printers.


The Education sector is of fundamental importance for a laboratory dedicated to digital innovation strongly desired by the university. This is why, in 2023 alone, the Fablab organized more than 50 training courses and workshops aimed at students of all ages - from primary school to universities - dedicated to design, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

UltiMaker 3D printers were selected for their ease of use, and because they are part of a comprehensive ecosystem that also includes UltiMaker Cura slicing software and an unlimited portfolio of proprietary and third-party materials.


In 5 years, FabLab Poliba has hosted more than 5000 students.

Recently, the FabLab hosted a workshop dedicated to fashion design and digital scenography, where parts of clothes and accessories were entirely 3D printed.

Photo credits: FabLab Poliba, Nicola Parisi, Giuseppe Fallacara

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